5 Most Innovative Apps For Startups On-The-Go

December 16, 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we take a look at some of the most innovative and useful apps that have been popularized this past year. Some of these apps have been created by startups, others, an extension (and improvement) of an already existing business. With an unprecedented level of available alternative funding this year, the arena for technological innovations has been greatly diversified. Here, we list some of the coolest apps that are dominating the playing field in terms of utility and creativity:

Plowz and Mowz

Bloomberg hails this app as an “Uber for Snowplows of Lawnmowers”. Plowz, and it’s sister app Mowz, essentially pairs up people who don’t want to shovel their driveway or mow their lawn, with people who have legitimate ploughing or lawn mowing equipment. The app is free to use, and even gives users a free quote on how much the physical services would cost. As stated by RightTurn, “Plowz also seems perfect for older or less mobile relatives who you want to help but can’t spare the time. You can also schedule service for friends and family members.”

Mobile Triage

Mobile Triage is an app developed in South Africa, for use within the country. However, it sets a great precedent for app-developers worldwide. This app helps to prioritize patients who arrive at busy Emergency Rooms by determining their level of illness by complex algorithms and mathematical scores. This process of prioritizing is called triaging, and is usually carried out by nurses on paper. Hence, triaging traditionally takes very long, and often is carried out erroneously. Mobile Triage significantly reduces triaging time, and helps to predict and prioritize more accurately, thus having the potential to save lives of those who are in need of urgent immediate care. All in all, Mobile Triage is a huge step forward in hospital service and healthcare!


Fansino allows users to experience music differently. The app connects the artist with those listening to their music, in real time. The artist is able to communicate with his or her core fan base, and all the user has to do is stream music!


Winner of the Mobile Premier Awards 2015 (Audience Choice), GPSGAY is a unique mobile platform for the Gay community. According to the app’s description, “The platform combines features of some of the top web platforms on the internet such as Facebook, Foursquare, Amazon, Booking, Youtube and E-bay, specially developed to satisfy the GLBT community needs. We have a social network similar to Facebook and chat rooms.” Also, users are able to watch LGBT documentaries online, keep up to date with LGBT news, and find specialized healthcare through the app.


One of the best educational apps around, PhotoMath solves math problems in real time. It uses your phone’s camera to detect the equations, and even gives a detailed analysis on how to solve the problem – if only this existed when we were in school!


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