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July 3, 2018

In developing countries like India, people are migrating for different purposes like education, career, and tourism. The demand for PGs has increased in the past few years. From college students looking for amazing rooms they fantasized about, to workaholics hunting for comfort away from their family, PGs are the most common and affordable solution.

PGs might seem like an easy way to get a bed under one’s body, but managing one in terms of food, laundry, personal space, electricity, and many other things can be difficult. There can be problems in promoting the PG, having an active conversations with the current users and many more. To avoid all these problems, communication should be there. This can be solved by setting up a call center for your PG. What is a call center?

A Call Center is an office space that deals with the transmission of the calls. It is of two types:

Inbound Call Center – This branch deals with the incoming calls initiated by the customers.
Outbound Call Center – All the outgoing calls that are made by the company to the customers are tracked here.

Agents are hired in the call center to answer and make calls. It can be either located inside the company or a company can connect with some outside call center. Services are provided by call centers

Call Centers are very important for a firm as it handles the phase of interacting with users and visitors who are also potential customers.It usually increases customer engagement as the customers are regularly updated about the upcoming offers or new branches opened in new areas. Some of the uses of call centers are:

Regular customer feedback
Resolving doubts and queries
Inbound Deals/Sales
Organizing surveys

Besides all these services, call center can be interlinked with many other features of cloud telephony to improve performance of the company. To check out the rest, click here.

This is the age of Customer Service

Business is incomplete without the customers. And PG is all about serving guests. Giving customers a way to reach the company to suggest new things to improve is important.

Service around the clock

With the help of technology, people have the access to reach the company 24/7. Along with the introduction to email, the 9-5 availability was extended to 24 hours.

Trained agents are underrated

Customers are satisfied if they talk to people with sufficient information because they hate waiting on call till the time the call is transferred to another expert. Also, the pain to repeat all your problems to the new person is annoying.

Why is it important

Since running a PG is very hectic, you need to keep track on things to make sure that your customers are satisfied and the visitors have the information they need. It helps in maintaining peace in the company with the help of communicating. Want to learn more

Along with the call center solution, there are many other features that can be used to boost your business. Visit Knowlarity to check out the other cool features.


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