How Ctrl+Add experienced a boom in revenue with toll-free numbers

May 22, 2021

Ctrl+Add is a co-working space in Gurgaon, and many companies and sometimes freelancers are tenants of this space of focused energy. It’s an attractive arrangement: it’s low cost, it’s sociable, has a modern and luxurious design. However, for many months it has been losing revenue as its clients move out.

They are finding it difficult to find enough people to rent out the huge space it bought in real-estate and painstakingly developed. Entire sections lie unlit and unused, returning nothing to its builders in rent. Ctrl+Add conducted market research surveys, only to realise that not many people know about the joys of a co-working space.

What exactly were the problems?

Abhishek Mishra, a manager at Ctrl+Add, realised that outreach of the company had to be revamped entirely to tackle the problems that they were facing. They realised that they did not have a steady inflow of clientele as Ctrl+Add kept getting calls from the same few people who saw their newspaper ads.

They did not realise that they were calling the same number over and over again and this ended in both parties getting irritated. The number belonged to an employee, who was in charge of managing the calls at Ctrl+Add. Her personal number was swamped by calls every day. Many calls were missed and even though a team of people was put together to call back missed calls, many such leads were lost anyway. And there was no way of monitoring that all the calls were attended to.

How did Ctrl+Add proceed?

This was not the last straw. They soon started looking at alternative options for outreach, and one that stood out was cloud telephony. When they began to understand the applications of a toll-free number, it was like snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Getting a toll-free number meant that no customer would have to pay to call them, they could brand themselves around the easy-to-remember toll-free number, and they could delegate calls without hassle to one phone!

What changed?

Ctrl+Add’s clientele found a dramatic improvement in the quality of customer service they get from the company now. They find that that engagement with them is smooth and stress-free. Ctrl+Add is getting calls from all over Delhi and NCR now, since all their online as well as offline marketing makes use of the same, branded, phone number. They were able to upsell co-working spaces by explaining to callers their product, with a personal touch. Their total number of attended calls also saw a sharp increase, and they saw more conversions in a much shorter period of time. The company started booming and the co-working space did not have empty patches again.

Where do we come in?

Knowlarity provides solutions in cloud telephony, including the toll-free number, and assists companies just like Ctrl+Add into bringing efficiency into their communication. The experience of conversation between a client and a company is aided by solutions that Knowlarity provides to the benefit of all. It’s a win-win!


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