The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Numbers in 2021

Sep 8, 2021

Users can receive calls using a virtual phone number, just like when you are using a traditional phone number from anywhere in the world, and the process is just as easy. When the Pandemic hit the world, it became imperative for companies to pace up their tech and develop an efficient working system.

Virtual numbers served as rescues for many businesses' by offering flexibility to customer support teams, who are still working from home.

What are Virtual Numbers?

A virtual phone number, aka Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number, exists without being physically attached to any one device. By using this number, users can redirect and route calls from a specific number, IP address, or device to another number, IP address, or device.

A virtual telephone number can be recorded, monitored, and tracked under your supervision for better performance. A virtual business number allows companies to expand their reach in local and international markets.

Different types of virtual numbers

  • Mobile Numbers

  • Landline Numbers

  • Local numbers with specific area codes

  • Toll-free numbers

Why Should You Consider Getting a Virtual Number?


There are no costs associated with acquiring new hardware or office space. A subscription to your preferred virtual number of any country will suffice, cuts down on the extra workforce.

Higher Conversion Rate

Effective engagement with your leads is the key to maximizing your sales conversions from inbound and outbound calls. By answering calls quickly, you can reduce the call waiting time and set up shift-based call forwarding. Remember! Great customer service response leads to higher conversion on new leads.

Identify Quality Leads

IVR enables your business to Lead routing to direct these calls to the most qualified sales rep for their question.

IVR systems can be used to categorize each call based on its concern and route it to the appropriate agent who is trained to address that issue.

Also, a well-designed IVR system will allow you to automate customer service operations and reduce your costs. The IVR feature contributes to higher customer satisfaction along with improving contact center efficiency and KPIs.

** Number Masking**

Human data is constantly sought after by hackers. Either these data are sold and used on the black market, or they are used for phishing and blackmail. We do not wish to scare you! However, the story is true. To avoid such a scenario, keep your personal number secure at all times.

Those who use the same number as their business's number to make all their transactions through apps are at greater risks. You should avoid displaying and offering your personal information on websites. Get a virtual number for business use. It also safeguards your customer's privacy by hiding their details.

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Your communication infrastructure does not need to be uprooted and reinstalled whenever you move. The calls can be transferred to a new location easily.

To track the leads generated by each advertising campaign, channel, location, language, etc., you can assign a virtual number to each. Additionally, it helps track the ROI of offline campaigns.

Real-time Data Insights

Our solution offers detailed insight into contact center operations - calls made, duration of each, time of each call, and who made how many calls, etc. In addition, call records can be detailed and accurate within a secure environment.

Be Omnipresent with International Numbers

Using a cloud-based virtual phone number enables you to make and receive international calls from any part of the world.

You can easily redirect international calls to your Indian line. This makes it convenient for businesses that want to establish their presence in multiple countries without having to set up international offices.

How to get a virtual number for your business?

Installing a new phone line is harder than getting a cloud-based phone system number.

Step 1: Contact Knowlarity’s expert for cloud telephony services.

Step 2: Choose a call plan based on your call volume and workflow or create your own.

Step 3: Integrate your telephony service into your communication infrastructure with minimal downtime. In addition, you can choose what your number looks like!

Step 4: Utilize it however you wish. Adding or removing numbers or agents will enable you to scale up or down.

It doesn't just help to build trust with future customers; it also serves to reassure them, even if you're thousands of miles away, that you're part of a local community.

Using virtual phone systems allows your businesses to use your smart devices for making and receiving phone calls, just like email. With such an AI-based integrated technology at your business' disposal helps you to go global like a piece of cake.


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