What is a Transactional SMS Solution?

Transactional SMS is an automated SMS service sent by a business as a response to an action or event initiated by a customer. It is also used to improve interaction with the customers by offering real-time alerts and confirmations for bookings and orders.Transactional sms is the sms which

Benefits Of Transactional Text Messages

Send transactional SMS anytime to notify your customers and keep them updated of their transactions.


Saves Time

No manual input needed for every message, the predetermined auto-trigger can initiate the message.



Send reliable transactional bulk SMS across any location, ensuring 99.9% uptime and guaranteed delivery.



Transactional bulk SMS have limited character messages, making it easy for the receiver to read and take action accordingly.

Features of Transactional SMS Solution


Real-time Delivery Report

Receive instant confirmation report on the messages sent and the status on its delivery in real-time.


Round the Clock

Transactional SMS service can be sent and be available to your customers 24x7 across 365 days.


Customized Templates

Send bulk transactional messages from your sender ID as per the customized template and requirement.


API Integration

Integrate it into your software to avail seamless functioning and scheduling auto sending of the messages.


Trackable SMS

Get access to track and monitor total SMSs delivered and received by the customers.


Unlimited Texts

Send as many text messages as you want while including your brand name with a unique number to stand out.

Transactional Messages Solution Use Cases




Archit Srivastava

Archit Srivastava

General Manager, HMIL (Hyundai)

Vikas Ranjan

Vikas Ranjan

AGM, SMC Global

Ria Pandit

Ria Pandit

Lead Digital Analytics, MG Motors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transactional message?downArrow
The transactional message is an automated non-marketing SMS that is sent to its contacts by organizations, businesses, institutions, and such to send essential updates and information.
What is transactional SMS software?downArrow
Transactional SMS software is a text messaging software used by companies so they can plan, implement, and send essential information and updates about the services and products of the company to the targeted mobile devices via SMS.
What is a Transactional SMS gateway?downArrow
A transactional SMS gateway is the process in which the SMS send to the customer is updated along with the delivery report that has the details like delivery status and time of the delivery. Furthermore, the gateway service enables you to see the mobile network on which the recipient’s mobile number is on. The message is then transmitted directly to the correct mobile network provider, from the mobile company’s system it receives the delivery report and then sends all this information to the original Transactional SMS software.
In which countries are your transactional bulk SMEs services available?downArrow
Knowlarity provides transactional bulk SMS services across the world, in major countries and cities. To know more about whether we can help you with the service at a specific geographic location, please contact us.
How can I avail of your Transactional SMS services outside India?downArrow
To avail, our services outside India get in touch with us from the dedicated number provided for your country, and we will help you out. Irrespective of where you are located, we will connect you with the right people for your transactional SMS service once you touch us.