What is an Outbound Calling Solution?

An automated calling solution is a process that enables recorded voice interaction with the caller without human intervention. It enables businesses to place concurrent automated outbound call blasts to their target customers.

Benefits of Automated Calling Solution

Enable a cloud-based communication system to reach all your customers in the quickest possible way.



Save money and time via automated cloud-based outbound calling to notify your customers about new products and services.


Compliance With TRAI

Irrespective of your business location, the automated outbound calling system ensures that all calls made comply with the TRAI regulation.


Optimize Target Audience

Schedule automated calls and SMS as part of the business campaigns to reach your target audience better during the launch of new products.


Improved ROI

Nurture quality leads by keeping your customers updated about the latest offers, products & services that results in improved ROI.


Easy to Set-up and Activate

With a smart plug-n-play solution integrate your existing CRM software for easy access.


Enhance Caller Experience

Optimize caller experience via personalized regional greetings and customized hold music.

Features of Automated Outbound Calling Solutions


Auto Dialer

Automate the dialing process with a progressive dialer reducing agent idle time.


Outbound IVR

Remind and notify customers about services, products, due dates, etc via automated outbound IVR.


SMS Integration

Automated text messages can be integrated with follow up calls to connect with customers better.

Automated Outbound Calling Solution Use Cases




Archit Srivastava

Archit Srivastava

General Manager, HMIL (Hyundai)

Vikas Ranjan

Vikas Ranjan

AGM, SMC Global

Ria Pandit

Ria Pandit

Lead Digital Analytics, MG Motors

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Today we are trusted by over 6000+ businesses across 65+ countries and is the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets serving across multiple industrial verticals. We have a globally recognized name with over 300+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence by enabling business communication through voice, video, AI and messaging through our smart platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outbound call center?downArrow
An outbound call center is the service provider of outgoing calls. These calls are made to potential leads, existing customers, and business visitors with outbound calling solutions. A business typically hires an outbound call center or appoints agents to connect with these prospective people primarily via calls and at times through SMS and emails too. The outbound calling center aims to understand the market trend, get customer feedback, campaign for products and services, run inbound sales, collect debts and donations, remind customers for payments, bill due dates, and other services. Previously all these jobs were done by call center agents. With automated outbound calls powered with AI technology, manual labor is being reduced while freeing agents to establish a better connection with customers.
What is the difference between OBD and IVR?downArrow
OBD stands for Outbound, whereas IVR is the acronym for Interactive Voice Response. Typically Outbound solutions are made to provide information to the customer using calls, SMS, or emails. IVR is an interactive recorded message, where the customer uses the dial pad to give and receive information. It is possible to combine IVR and Outbound service to interact with the customer and get their feedback.
What is DND?downArrow
DND stands for Do Not Disturb, a solution provided by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) that allows consumers the option not to receive any unwanted calls and SMS. A person who registers his/her mobile or phone numbers under DND a telemarketer cannot call or send any unsolicited SMS to such a number. It is deemed illegal to contact any DND number for product or service campaigns, ads, or surveys.
In which countries are your outbound calling services available?downArrow
Knowlarity provides outbound calling services across the world, in major countries and cities. To know more about whether we can help you with the service at a specific geographic location, please contact us.
How can I avail of your outbound calling services outside India?downArrow
To avail, our services outside India get in touch with us from the dedicated number provided for your country, and we will help you out. Irrespective of where you are located, we will connect you with the right people for your outbound calling service once you touch us.