What is a Toll Free Number Solution?

Your customers can reach out to you for free on your 1800 business toll free number. Ensure seamless interaction between the agents and customers for query resolution, upcoming promotions or events.

Benefits of Toll Free Number Solution

Boost your services and products efficiently with Toll free number campaigns.


Increase Lead Conversion

Toll free numbers drive greater call rates, which results in significant lead conversion rates for businesses.


Build Brand Recall Value

1800 toll free numbers are easier to recall, enabling customers to engage effortlessly across multi-touchpoint campaigns.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customers bear zero cost when reaching out to you, giving them more options for query resolution and grievance addressing.


Generate Business in New Markets

Expand your customer service reach across the country without on-site infrastructure investment through premium toll free numbers.


Track Marketing Campaigns

Seamlessly track marketing campaign effectiveness. Collect customer feedback and surveys instantly through toll free numbers.


Establish 24 x7 Availability

With toll free business numbers, be available to your customers even after business hours.

Features of Toll Free Number Solution



Answer every customer query with the IVR’s multi-level menu to establish immediate interaction with your customer.


Call Recording

Automatic call recording enables you to listen and analyze them, to understand your customers better.


Call Routing

Call routing enables the available agents to answer the customer calls as the call routes to the free agents to reduce customer wait time.

Toll Free Number Solution Use Cases




Archit Srivastava

Archit Srivastava

General Manager, HMIL (Hyundai)

Vikas Ranjan

Vikas Ranjan

AGM, SMC Global

Ria Pandit

Ria Pandit

Lead Digital Analytics, MG Motors

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Today we are trusted by over 6000+ businesses across 65+ countries and is the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets serving across multiple industrial verticals. We have a globally recognized name with over 300+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence by enabling business communication through voice, video, AI and messaging through our smart platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do toll free numbers increase business?downArrow
Toll free numbers are the ideal tracking and engagement solution to acquire primary inputs from clients and customers. Toll free number providers offer key features that directly impact sales, customer satisfaction, and brand building long-term. With instant connectivity and the caller not having to pay for the call the engagement of the customer is more with the business.
What is a toll free number?downArrow
A toll free number is an 1800 number that does not cost callers money to dial in. It is a free call that allows the caller to transfer the charges of the connection to the organization. They are generally in the format of 1800-ABC-DEFG, and solutions can be customized based on the campaign, brand, or promotional period
Are toll free numbers obsolete?downArrow
Cloud based toll free numbers are widely used to track campaign effectiveness and to gauge customer sentiment. They can be used to capture feedback, analyse product launch results, and redirect customer grievances seamlessly. Calls can be routed effectively, without service interruptions or significant infrastructure expenditure. Premium toll free solutions offer critical features such as data analytics and real-time dashboards, that can provide critical insight into customer engagement.
What is the difference between virtual number and toll free number?downArrow
Virtual number calling may not be free, while toll free calling is free by nature. Virtual numbers can be obtained resembling the local number, while a toll free number specifies a certain country area code, like 1800 is specific to India’s toll free service.
Do callers get charged when they call on toll free numbers?downArrow
When callers dial into a toll free number, the organization bears the cost of the call. The customer is not charged for reaching out to the company using the toll free number.
Do callers get charged when they call on toll free numbers?downArrow
When callers dial into a toll free number, the organization bears the cost of the call. The customer is not charged for reaching out to the company using the toll free number.
What are the advantages of a toll free number?downArrow
Toll free numbers offer a charge-free option for your customers and clients to reach out to you. It is one of the best tracking mechanisms to review marketing effectiveness. It also offers a quick query resolution channel, wherein customers can directly call in to review different services or products. Reports indicate that 80% of visitors call companies when they see toll-free numbers listed on their website. Toll-free can be linked with an IVR to integrate their call-in journey.
What kind of people use toll free numbers?downArrow
Start-ups, SMEs, and enterprises use toll free numbers regularly to manage campaigns, engage with customers, and expand their brand reach.
How can I get a cost-effective toll free number?downArrow
Knowlarity is one of the most cost-effective toll free number providers, and can help you get set up instantly. Give us a call at 1800-419-033 today.
How to get a toll free number in India?downArrow
To buy a toll free number in India, give us a call at 1800-419-0333.
In which countries are toll free number services available?downArrow
Knowlarity serves over 66 countries in the APAC region, with a significant presence in India and the Middle East.
How can I avail your toll free number services outside of India?downArrow
You can reach out to us at the dedicated number listed for your region. Businesses can reach international clients and customers at-scale, whether they are in India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, or Abu Dhabi. You can get in touch with us here.