What is Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID?

A Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID experience aids businesses to manifest themselves as a verified caller by letting their users know who is calling them via brand name, logo, verified badge & industry tags. This ensures a process of building brand trust among your customers to bridge the gap between a genuine and fraudulent caller for improved customer service with better response rates.

Benefits of Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID

Improve call efficiency to drive better customer satisfaction rate


Establish Brand Trust & Identity

Receive immediate attention from customers when they identifies your brand as a genuine caller for better pickup rates


Safe & Efficient Communication

Communicate with your customers right before your call is picked up by displaying the reason of the call along with brand identity details in their caller ID


Business Analytics Insights

Extract insights based on calling patterns, pick up ratio, spam report & analysis with user behaviour to reduce repeat calls and drive more revenue

Features of Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID


Works Across All Dialer Types

Works across android & iOS dialer types to display caller ID to receivers


Verified Badge Ensuring Security

Display verification badge that guarantees brand safety for positive reassurance


Display Call Reason

Improve customer confidence by manifesting the call reason in the displayed caller ID of the receiver

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID Use Cases




Archit Srivastava

Archit Srivastava

General Manager, HMIL (Hyundai)

Vikas Ranjan

Vikas Ranjan

AGM, SMC Global

Ria Pandit

Ria Pandit

Lead Digital Analytics, MG Motors

Trusted by over 6000+ organizations across 65 countries

Today we are trusted by over 6000+ businesses across 65+ countries and is the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets serving across multiple industrial verticals. We have a globally recognized name with over 300+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence by enabling business communication through voice, video, AI and messaging through our smart platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Truecaller Verified Business Calling experience?downArrow
It is to cut through the noise of never-ending calls from untoward callers and enable businesses to verify their identity, provide context and thus establish brand safety and trust in communication.
How a Truecaller solution will help businesses in their growth strategy?downArrow
The solution allows businesses to build trust among their customers and differentiate between genuine and fraudulent callers for improved customer service with better response rates.
Will Truecaller work across every device?downArrow
Yes, the Verified Business Caller ID works across android & iOS dialer types, displays post-call details & missed calls so that the businesses can successfully keep real-time track of their Voice based communication operations.